Commercial Kitchen Utensils

Ice Cream Dippers

These are also called ice cream scoops: these are intended specifically to dig through hard ice creams all day long at an ice cream shop.

Portion Scoops & Dishers

These dishers help you with portion control: these would be used in the back of house, to make sure you have the correct portion sizes.


Spatulas are heat resistant and help you stir and scrape bowls clean.


Commercial turners are often called spatulas, but we prefer the more precise term "turner," as that is what it does: it turns!


We have a variety of ladle styles and sizes: from Asian ladles to North American-style ladles.


We've got precision tongs, which look like tweezers, and larger tongs, or tongs for spaghetti.

Commercial Can Openers

These are heavy-duty can openers for restaurants: they come from handheld models to larger models.

Mixing Paddles

This aren't for rowing your canoe: these are for mixing large quantities of food. They are food grade and are plastic or wood.

Cooking Spoons

These cooking spoons are also called kitchen spoons and are used for mixing and spreading. Wood or plastic!

Buffet Serving Spoons

These are sometimes called basting spoons, and are often for buffets and catering services.

Food prep tools

This is a bit of a catch-all, for any tools that would be used to prepare food: like whisks, meat tenderizers, shears, and more.

Kitchen utensils are small, handheld tools used in food preparation or serving. In most commercial kitchens, at least one if not all of these tools are present and considered essential for day to day operations. We carry a wide variety of utensils, most of which have been hand-picked by our team of experts for their quality and affordable price point. We carry portioning scoops, dishers, and buffet serving spoons.

Though each of these categories has to do with serving food, you may be surprised to know there's some variance between these categories. For example, portioning scoops are more ideal for giving specific portion sizes, such as the kind that is required in a hospital, whereas buffet serving spoons can be used in environments that don't require strict portion control. We also carry tongs, which can be used for serving, such as spaghetti tongs.

However, some of our tongs are made to be used during the cooking process. Some tongs have coloured PVC coating to help users avoid cross contaminating food. We have paddles, spoons, and spatulas for mixing. However, what you're mixing and in what container you're mixing it in will greatly influence your choice of mixing implement.

For instance, we have cooking spoons and spootensils which are a standard choice, but if you're a baker and you need to mix large quantities of dough you'll probably want to go with a mixing paddle. If you have any questions about these utensils, please do not hesitate to contact us. We keep all of these utensils in stock and ready-to-ship Canada wide.