Commercial Ladles

When you think of a ladle, chances are you think of a serving tool frequently used in cafeterias or buffets, for soup and other watery foods. This is a standard ladle -- and we offer these in a variety of different serving capacities. The serving ladles we offer also have a sturdy stainless steel construction which makes them tough enough to withstand boiling temperatures and frequent use.

Another type of ladle that we carry is a wok ladle, which as the name indicates is typically preferred when cooking in a wok or chop suey bowl. The thing about Asian ladles, however, is that they're used more so for mixing and stirring than serving. Since they're long, they keep the user at a safe distance away from the hot oil that is used with a lot of Asian cuisines. And with a wood handle, the user can cook all day without the tool getting too hot to use.

One of these ladles is Browne Foodservice, and the other is Magnum. Both of these ladles have been handpicked by our team of experts because their brands represent quality at an affordable price point. We keep these ladles in stock and ready-to-ship Canada wide.
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