Commercial Meat Grinders

Abandon all hope, ye vegetarians that enter here! Commercial meat grinders help save money for many food service establishments across Canada by allowing them to grind or mince their own meat. Meat grinders come in many different sizes, and are usually measured by the amount of meat they can grind an hour.

They range from grinding around 200 pounds of meat an hour to 1500 pounds an hour. This makes it important to know how much meat you will be grinding. Underestimating will ensure you won't produce enough ground meat, and overestimating will ensure you spend too much money on the actual machine.

On the same note, if you know you will be grinding a tough meat, it may be wise to invest in a meat grinder with a higher horse power. The horsepower and the quality of the material are major factors that will dictate whether the meat grinder will be able to handle your workload. We are selective when choosing our products, so you can be assured that every one of our meat grinders are high quality; it is just a matter of picking the proper machine for each specific situation.

Electric meat grinders come with a pusher to help feed the uncut meat. Some models will even come with an attachment to force the meat into a sausage casing.

Want some help picking out a meat grinder? Or do you just want to talk to someone about how you love grounding up meat? Well, give us a call! We love to talk about that stuff!
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