Commercial Meat Tenderizers

If you’ve got a deli in Canada or are trying to marinate a lot of meat, you’ll want to purchase a commercial meat tenderizer to let all the delicious flavours really seep into your food. We’ve got a few different types of meat tenderizers available here. There are manual tenderizers, where you bash you meat as though you were hammering it (sort of). Or there are heavy-duty tenderizers, which are great for places that need to tenderize a lot more meat: butcher shops, busy delis, grocery stores, and markets. These heavy-duty tenderizers will use electricity instead of your muscles.

A tenderizer breaks down the tough protein in meat, to make is a lot softer, juicier, and a lot more delicious because it allows your spices to soak all the way through. You’re customers will definitely be able to taste a difference in your meat, so a tenderizer is essential for most commercial kitchens who are selling their own meat.

If you’re unsure of which commercial meat tenderizer you should buy, or if you’re wondering if your butcher shop or grocery store would be better off with a manual or electric meat tenderizer, or if you just want somebody to talk to about hitting meat, we’re always here to chat: call us toll free at 1-855-388-5999.
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