Commercial Microwaves

A commercial microwave really is an essential feature for many restaurants and commercial kitchens. Most homes can’t manage without a microwave, so can you imagine a commercial kitchen surviving without one? These are great for reheating food quickly and efficiently, without any hassle, and without adding any heat into the kitchen itself. These are safe and powerful cooking machines, and you'll find them being used all across Canada.

If you need to reheat something, defrost some food, or heat up a sauce, that’s what these microwaves are for. They come in a few different power types. A light duty commercial microwave is going to be great in a break room or a small concession stand, or something similar. They are still much more durable and reliable than a residential model though: for instance, a residential model might only be used a couple times a day (if that). But these light duty commercial microwaves can be expected to remain reliable being used dozens of times every single day.

But if you need a commercial microwave for a restaurant or anything larger than a small store, than a medium duty microwave is a much safer bet. These can work for most commercial kitchens.

A heavy duty microwave is perfect for a high volume commercial kitchen, like in a hospital, school, and some restaurants. One of the benefits is not just that these are more reliable, but because they are more powerful, they are faster. At home, with an 800-watt microwave, it might take you 10 minutes to cook something. Well, in a 2200-watt microwave, that would only take you 3 minutes. So if you need to microwave a lot of food, and you need it fast, a heavy duty commercial microwave is your best bet.

If you’re unsure which commercial microwave you should buy, or if you’re unsure if you need a light- medium- or heavy-duty commercial microwave, give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 and we’d be happy to help you out.
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