Commercial Mixer Attachments

Sometimes, your mixer needs a little help to get you the best results. It depends entirely on what your goals are, but using the proper attachment will increase efficiency and productivity regardless of the specifics. Each attachment serves a different purpose. When choosing which attachment your business operations will require, you'll need to consider what your end goals are and what ingredients you'll be using.

You'll probably notice some attachments have designated letters assigned to them, such "B", "C", and "D". "B" is a multi-purpose flat beater agitator for mixing cakes, icings, and mashing potatoes. "C" is a wing whip for heavy whipping of butter, potatoes, mayonnaise, or light icing while "I" is a more heavy-duty version of the same thing for marshmallows or sponge cakes. "D" is a wire whip designed for blending the maximum amount of air into light products. "ED" is a dough hook for folding, mixing, and stretching products such as pizza dough and bread, while the "E" dough hook does the same for lighter breads and pizza dough for example. And "P" is a pastry knife designed to perform a cutting action that will combine ingredients.

We also have a bowl scraper attachment, as well as stainless steel bowls and even bowl dollies for easier transport around the ktichen. And please make sure to check out the compatibility options, as there are many models for many machines.

It's a lot of options to take in, if youd like any help please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 or send us a message.
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