Hobart Legacy Mixer Bowl - Stainless Steel

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A stainless steel bowl of all sizes for all Legacy mixers

This is an official Hobart brand bowl for mixers. There is at least one option for each Legacy+ model: the HL120, HL200, HL300, HL400, HL600, HL662, HL800, and HL1400. This product has a solid, built-to-last 304 stainless steel construction.

A "stepdown" bowl is a term used for when a bowl is used in a mixer with a larger capacity. For example, if you have a 60-quart mixer but want to mix just 40 quarts of product, using a 40-quart bowl would be better as a larger bowl may not mix the ingredients properly. If your mixer can accommodate a smaller bowl and you don't make a full batch every time, consider investing in a stepdown bowl.



      • Stainless steel bowl available in many sizes
      • Official Hobart brand product
      • Compatible with all Hobart Legacy+ Mixers


Brand Hobart
Construction 304 Stainless Steel

ItemBowl CapacityWeight
12-Quart8.3 lb
20-Quart9 lb
BOWL-HL432020-Quart16 lb
BOWL-HL3030-Quart18 lb
BOWL-HL4040-Quart20 lb
BOWL-HL64040-Quart36 lb
BOWL-HL148440-Quart42 lb
BOWL-HL6060-Quart42 lb
BOWL-HL148660-Quart48 lb
BOWL-HL8080-Quart55 lb
BOWL-HL140140-Quart75 lb


MixerCompatible Item
HL120BOWL-HL12 (12 Quarts)
HL200BOWL-HL12 (Stepdown, 12 Quarts)
HL200BOWL-HL20P (20 Quarts)
HL300BOWL-HL4320 (Stepdown, 20 Quarts)
HL300BOWL-HL30 (30 Quarts)
HL400BOWL-HL4320 (Stepdown, 20 Quarts) 
HL400BOWL-HL30 (Stepdown, 30 Quarts)
HL400BOWL-HL40 (40 Quarts)
HL600BOWL-HL640 (Stepdown, 40 Quarts)
HL600BOWL-HL60 (60 Quarts)
HL662BOWL-HL640 (Stepdown, 40 Quarts)
HL662BOWL-HL60 (60 Quarts)
HL800BOWL-HL1484 (Stepdown, 40 Quarts)
HL800BOWL-HL1486 (Stepdown, 60 Quarts)
HL800BOWL-HL80 (80 Quarts)
HL1400BOWL-HL1484 (Stepdown, 40 Quarts)
HL1400BOWL-HL1486 (Stepdown, 60 Quarts)
HL1400BOWL-HL80 (Stepdown, 80 Quarts)
HL1400BOWL-HL140 (140 Quarts)

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