Commercial Mixers

Planetary Mixers

These are general purpose mixers: you can mix doughs, batters, sauces and a lot of other things with a countertop, stand, or floor-model mixer.  

Spiral Mixers

These are dough mixers: if you have a bakery or pizza shop, and need a lot of dough everyday, these could be the commercial mixers for you.

Commercial Mixer Attachments

Get bowls, whips, dough hooks, flat beaters, vegetable and meat grinder attachments for your commercial mixer.

Commercial Immersion Blenders

A handy little tool to blend things like whipped cream or chop soft produce. Sometimes these are called immersion mixers.

Commercial mixers are found in grocery stores, bakeries, pizza shops, and supermarkets all across Canada. They are necessary for a lot of commercial kitchens to make their dough, mixes, sauces, or anything else that needs mixing.

There are two primary types of commercial mixers. There are planetary mixers and there are spiral mixers.

A planetary mixer comes in three different sizes. Countertop planetary mixers, and bench planetary mixers, and floor model planetary mixers. Within each type of these, there will be various capacities, depending on the amount of stuff you'll be mixing.

A spiral mixer is a totally different beast. Based on how they mix, they are really designed for bakeries and pizza shops, for mixing dough. So if you're in a kitchen where you want to be mixing a lot of your own dough, we're really recommend going with a spiral mixer. Their dough capacity is way, way higher than a planetary mixer, and they are really going to be a lot more efficient. They were designed specifically for dough, which is why they are sometimes called "dough mixers."

One thing to note about all commercial mixers, and this is something you really should know: don't overwork your mixer. The number one issue we see with people using their mixers is that they're overworking it. Make sure you have a good understanding of how much stuff you want to be putting into your mixer, and also, very importantly, how OFTEN are you going to be putting stuff into your mixer. Some mixers are better at handling constant use, and others need time to cool down.

If you're unsure of which commercial mixer to buy, give us a call. Before iFoodEquipment was a restaurant equipment distributor, we were a bakery equipment distributor, so commercial mixers are in our blood! We love bakeries and pizza shops especially! So if you want a few pointers on which professional mixer would work best for you, give us a ring and we'd love to offer our suggestions.