Commercial Outdoor Fryers

Commercial-grade outdoor fryers are most often used by caterers, renters, and anybody who wants to fry commercial level's worth of food outside.

These products are the frying equivalent of a barbeque, they are designed specifically and exclusively for outdoor use, and also feature handles to help in pulling and pushing the appliance around. The cabinets are stainless steel for a timeless and cleanly appearance. They come with not just 2 locking casters to keep the BBQ from rolling away, but also 2 wheels that can handle the elements like grass, dirt, pavement, or wherever you plan on setting up shop (just make sure it's not a hill!)

Powered by either natural gas or liquid propane, commercial outdoor fryer stations can cook large quantities over a duration of several hours. For example, a single 30-pound propane tank will give you between 10 to 12 hours' frying time, or even longer if the BBQ's thermostat is set at a lower temperature. One tank can fry over 60 pounds of frozen French fries in a single hour.

These units ship fully-assembled on a skid to save you time, but maybe best of all - the Crown Verity brand makes their products in Ontario! But these items are still a large purchase, so please feel free to contact us beforehand if you'd like to learn more.
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