Commercial Panini Presses

A commercial panini press is primarily used for grilling Panini’s, but did you know they can be used for cooking and toasting many other items, like chicken, hamburgers, wraps, vegetables, and quesadillas. This versatility makes them very popular for smaller restaurants and cafes all across Canada. Now, here are some considerations to make before you buy a commercial panini press:

Commercial panini presses work by heating the top and bottom plates to form a cooking press. The heating surface can be made with solid cast iron, aluminium, or aluminum coated with Teflon. And they can either be flat or can have grooves that make appealing grill marks on sandwiches. Or you can get a panini press with a combination of flat and grooved surfaces.

If your restaurant is going to make a large quantity of Paninis than you may want to consider buying a split top, which is basically two grills side-by-side.

Now, we do get asked sometimes whether a restaurant could use a residential panini press. The short answer is no. The long answer is Nope. These are commercial panini presses, so they are built to withstand the environment of a commercial kitchen. A residential unit probably won’t cut it, even in restaurants which use it only sporadically.

Anyway, if you have any questions, please drop us a line. We’re always glad to talk about panini presses with some good panini-ing folks. Plus we're Canadian, so we're friendly! 
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