Commercial Pasta Cookers – axis

If you're making a lot of pasta in your restaurant (like an Italian eatery, for example), you're going to need a commercial pasta cooker. Pasta cookers come in both electric and gas (and most gas-powered pasta cookers can be ordered in either propane or natural gas options).

The size of your restaurant is going to determine the size of the pasta cooker you need. That may sound obvious, but you don't want to end up buying a small machine that can't keep up with your restaurant or a big machine that will waste your money. So sizing your pasta cooker is very important. 

Commercial pasta cookers will either have a single vat or double vat. Having a second vat can allow you to cook different types of products without the risk of flavours contaminating. Or one vat can be used to cook pasta, and the other vat can be used to reheat pasta that’s already been cooked.

There are a number of special features that a pasta cooker might have that you may want for your restaurant: a down draft system will help with ventilation; an auto drain with automatically drain water that is overflowing the vat; a basket lift will lift the cooked food out of the vat at a pre-set time, which means the cooking can be hands-off; a rinse station allows you to rinse the pasta so it can be cooled and stop the cooking process; and finally, an auto fill option will keep the water fresh by having the excess starch drained out.

Some pasta cookers have more sophisticated controls than others. Computerized controls will give you a lot of power with precise control over the time and temperature.

If you’re not sure which commercial pasta cooker you should buy, or which pasta cooker is the best for your restaurant, give us a call and we’d love to help you out. We're from Canada, so we like to think we're pretty friendly!
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