Commercial Patio Heaters

Canadian restaurants can gain a lot of profitability by serving on patios. The problem is that Canada can get cold! Well, here's the solution. A commercial patio heater is the perfect solution to take the edge off, especially in the Spring and Fall. 

There are two main categories to distinguish here: the traditional, vertically-standing "lamppost" style patio heater and the bonfire-hosting flame table. They may look totally different but serve the same purpose - to provide warmth. These items are for outdoor use only.

The flame tables are pretty to look at, whereas the lampposts are more practical in appearance and have a smaller footprint. However some of them can heat an area up to 175 square feet. One low-height heater even functions as a table!

Flame tables are attractive conversation pieces, keeping people warm, providing light, and can serve as a table as well. These are great if your establishment would prefer to not have actual tables outside, so they are perfect for hotels, vineyards, golf courses, or any restaurant with outdoor seating.

Whether you just want to take the chill off or provide a fun hangout spot for your patrons, patio heaters are great addition to a restaurant patio especially in the Canadian spring or fall. Please feel free to get in contact with us if you would like to learn more about patio heaters.
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