Sierra SRPO-24G - Gas Double Deck, Single Chamber Countertop Pizza Oven - 19" x 22" Decks

  • CAD Regular price $2,519.00

The Sierra SRPO-24 pizza oven features a stainless steel exterior and an easy to clean interior with a porcelain deck and door liner. It is designed and built with the superior performance of Meteorite™ ceramic decks that achieve maximum heat while using less energy, and much quicker recovery times between uses.

These refractory ceramic decks offer superior temperature uniformity and more consistent cooking times, especially during peak business hours.

This pizza oven has the flexibility to suit every operation. It features a 30,000 BTU "U" type burner. The temperature is adjustable from 300°F (149°C) to 650°F (343°C).

      • Non-ferrous stainless steel construction including front, top, sides and valve control panel.
      • Double wall construction with heavy insulation for fuel efficiency and cooler exterior surfaces.
      • Each oven comes with 2 hearth decks adjustable to 3 positions with 2.”75 between positions.
      • Includes 650° F oven thermostat, 100% safety shut off, automatic standing pilot and brass burner valves.