Commercial Ranges

Commercial ranges are versatile cooking machines that can include griddles, broilers, and ovens. Restaurant ranges come in different sizes, and many different configurations. This makes them as ideal for a small restaurant as they are for a larger chain restaurant — so you'll find them in almost any commercial food establishment across Canada. We have commercial stoves with grills and griddles. Griddles are ideal for restaurants that make pancakes, eggs, bacon, hamburgers, and steaks. 

Restaurants that make a lot of soup, chilli, sauce, and other pan-cooked foods may prefer more open top burners. Every one of our restaurant stoves can be customized with a combination of griddles and open burners.

Our commercial stoves can come with an oven (that can be converted to a convection oven in some cases) or cabinet base in the bottom, if you’re looking for more space in your kitchen.

You can customize your stove with hot tops and broilers. If you want to know pricing for a restaurant range customized with hot tops and broilers, give us a call.

All of our stoves are commercial grade: they are made with stainless steel, cast iron grates, and the works! So they are built to last in any restaurant or commercial kitchen.

If you’re trying to figure out which commercial stove you should buy, just give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help you out.
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