Commercial Rice Cookers

A commercial rice cooker is a much more powerful machine than you’re average residential rice cooker: they are made to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen. They allow you to effortlessly cook brown or white rice, and some commercial kitchens will actually use a rice cooker to make grits or oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, broth, and vegetables. These are quite diverse machines! So you'll find them in sushi houses and other restaurants all across Canada.

Even though these are commercial rice cookers, they are actually all quite easy to use, and can be figured out in just a few minutes. So a commercial rice cooker can greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of a commercial kitchen, while greatly reducing the stress: the rice will basically cook itself, while you can focus on the main dishes! These machines can also hold onto your rice for a few hours, keeping it warm and allowing you to grab it when needed.

You’ll want to look at the amount of rice you’ll need to cook and compare that to the capacity of the rice cooker.
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