Commercial Rotisserie Ovens

A commercial rotisserie oven may be the most traditional way of cooking a chicken in a foodservice location. They are still used worldwide, including in the foodservice industry. But of course, the technology has been updated for modern times.

Now rotisserie ovens can cook multiple birds at a time; in some cases several, in other cases, several dozen! They can be single or double deck, gas-powered or electric, countertop or floor models. They use high-speed convection, and sometimes steam, to cook products by rotating them on spits inside the oven. Rotisseries can also be showpieces for your establishment, providing an incentive for patrons. Let's be honest: they look awesome! And the chicken looks very delicious inside. 

Advanced technology found in modern rotisseries include: programmable controls for fine tuning and consistency; USB connections and Wi-Fi for easy transferring of recipes and directions to and from the unit; the capacity to store hundreds of recipes with multiple steps for variety; cook correction technology for safety and self-sufficiency; auto-cleaning for saving time and labour; and eco-cooking modes for efficient energy use and saving money.

As an added bonus, some rotisserie ovens are compatible with easy-to-clean and easy-to-set-up ventless hoods - a must-have for expelling fat, smoke, and unwanted odours.
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