Gel Matic Etoile Gel Plus PM - Three Flavours with Twists Soft Serve Machine - 72 Litre Output/Hour

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The GelMatic Etoile Gel Plus PM is an air cooled, floor-model soft serve ice cream machine with three flavours and two twist options. It has an output capacity of 70 kilograms an hour (which is around 72 liters of soft serve). This is a state of the art machine which can produce express gelato, frozen yogurt, and soft serve ice cream. It can make up to 930 servings an hour (at 75 gram portions), which is in imperial units, 615 servings (4 ounce servings).

The easy-to-use, interactive "In.Co.Di.S." control system has a crisp, 7" touchscreen, which lets you program, monitor, and trouble-shoot every function on the machine -- you can even do this remotely. It's a very user friendly machine, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, and the modular menus let you personalize every parameter.

All in all, this is a top quality machine from a top quality brand. This thing will be working for you consistently for many years to come. If you're looking for more information on this machine and the Gel Matic brand, check out their brochure.

      • State of the art machine -- can be remote controlled from your smart phone, tablet, or computer
      • Three flavours and two twists
      • Air cooled
      • Pump fed
      • Able to be controlled remotely
      • Floor model
      • 70 kilogram output per hour (around 72 liters per hour)
      • Hopper capacity: three 11 litres
      • Cylinder capacity: two 1.7 litre and one 2.2 litre




Pump Fed

The pump has an AISI 304 stainless steel body with just a few parts for easy removal and cleaning, as well as peak polymer gears for a longer life.


Models Etoile Gel Plus PM
Type Floor Model
Cooling Air
Flavours 3
Hoppers 3
Cylinder Capacity Two 1.7 litre, One 2.2 litre
Hopper Capacity 11 liters
Power 3 Ph, 208-230v, 60 Hz
Remote Control Yes
Dimensions 27.6" x 33.1" x 60.7"
Weight 838 lb


*The output capacity for this machine is officially rated at 70 kilograms per hour, or 230 servings per hour (with 75 gram portions). For comparison, this is roughly 152 servings per hour (at 4 ounce portions), and around 18 liters of soft serve per hour.


1 year parts, 5 year compressor, 90 days labour.