Commercial Soft Serve Machines – single-flavour

Fact: every single person in Canada loves soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt. Which means you might just want one of these commercial soft ice cream machines. A commercial machine is going to have a powerful compressor to keep your products at the perfect temperature and consistency for serving. Nothing is worse than one of your anchor machines breaking down, so we've made sure to select nothing but the best soft serve machines for Canadian businesses.

The first and most basic question to ask yourself when looking for a soft serve machine is: How mush soft serve will I be serving? These machines are rated in terms of litres or kilograms (we've tried to make this easy for you, so we've listed all the output capacities in litres). But this isn't the whole story. A litre measures size, but a kilogram measures space. So it all ready depends on the consistency of your soft serve. If you have a really thick soft serve, it's going to be more kilograms per litre, and if you have a light, air-filled soft serve, it will be less kilograms per litre. Get it?

All this is to say, the output capacities are helpful as a guiding principle, not as a rule of law. Especially helpful can be the output capacities rated by servings. First off, you'll want to think about how big your serving sizes are. Are you going to be giving huge US-size servings of soft serve? Or are you going to give a small European-size serving. With Canadians, it can be hard to tell! So figure out how much soft serve you'll be dishing out an hour, and then pick the size accordingly.

The second most important factor in choosing a soft serve machine is how many flavours you want. There are three standard types of soft serve machines: single flavour, twin twist, and five handle. To make things easier for you, you can filter through our soft serve machines on the left-hand column by single flavour, two flavour (with a twist option), or three flavour (with two twist options).

One feature on some of these soft serve machines that can be really great is an air pump. This (surprise, surprise) pumps air into your soft serve! Now, before you think this is going to cheapen your product, think about this: some customers would actually prefer it. It gives a lighter, creamier taste to your soft serve. Plus, this will make your ingredient base last much longer, so if you pay a little more for an air pump up front, you could actually be saving money in the long run.

Finally, certain brands have different features than other brands. GelMatic and Spaceman are both top notch soft serve brands, but they have slightly different features. Check out the spec sheets on the models you're interested for full details. Or you can always give us a call if you're not sure sure which commercial soft ice cream machine you should buy -- we'd love to help!
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