Commercial Spatulas

A variety of kitchen tools carry the name of spatula. Arguably the most familiar of these are the ones with a silicone head. And yet, it's important to note that the spatulas we carry are commercial-grade and meant for heavy-duty use in a kitchen. They're great for stirring sauces and/or vegetables at extremely high temperatures. As a result, they're not flexible like some domestic or bakery spatulas used for icing.

Rest assured, we do carry bakery spatulas as well. These spatulas are stainless steel and have a long blade; perfect for spreading icing over a large surface area. Whether you're baking slab cakes or a multi-tiered cake, a bakery spatula will get the job done efficiently and be dependable for a lifetime of regular use.

Another kind of spatula is a wok spatula, made specifically for stirring at a safe distance from the simmering sauces and oils typical to many Asian cuisines. Be it at a wok range or chop suey bowl, these spatulas are considered an essential accessory.

Most of these spatulas are manufactured by Browne Foodservice, who have been making quality commercial kitchen supplies for decades. Furthermore, what you see in this category has been specifically catered by our team of inhouse experts. Browne Foodservice is known for its commitment to quality at an affordable price-point. We keep these tools in stock and ship them nationwide.
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