Commercial Toasters

Commercial toasters come in two broad categories: there are conveyor toasters and pop-up toasters. We ship these toasters all across Canada. A pop up toaster is great for establishments that do not need to toast that many slices of bread every hour. They are usually more compact than conveyor toasters, so they are great for kitchens that are tight on space. Also, pop up toasters are also much less expensive than conveyor toasters so they can fit into any establishment’s budget.

Commercial conveyor toasters are designed for high-rate continuous production. The bread, bagels, or buns would be placed on the horizontal conveyor. They would be taken through the machine and deposited down the chute into the collection tray.

Conveyor Toasters

You need to consider your workflow when considering which conveyor toaster to buy. Do you want the toast to return in the same direction you inserted it? Then you would need the option for return operation. If you want the toast to end up at the other end of the machine, you will want pass through operation. Some machines offer you both of these options.

Production per hour is important to know before your purchase. Commercial conveyor toasters are made for high output situations, and are able to toast many pieces of bread at any given time. This allows them to output hundreds or even thousands of pieces of bread, bagels, or buns an hour. If you don't need to produce that much, perhaps you could look in our commercial pop up toaster section.

Whether you will be toasting bread, bagels or buns is important to consider before you purchase. Regular bread is meant to be toasted on both sides. Bagels and sandwich buns only need to be toasted on one side. Many conveyor toasters only come with the option for one or the other. Some more fancy conveyor toasters will give you the option of turning heating elements on or off, thereby giving you the option to toast both bread and bagels.

Other options you should look for are clearance, variable speed of the conveyor, and controls for the heating elements. The clearance is the height between the conveyor and the top of the machine. For example: you don't want to have a 3" high bagel and a toaster with only a 1.5" clearance.

Controls over the heating elements and the conveyor speed allow you to get the art of toasting down to a science. If your toast is not coming out fast enough, or if isn't toasted enough, all you need to do is adjust the dial until you get it just right.

A huge consideration when purchasing a commercial conveyor toaster is the overall dimensions of the unit. They are much bulkier than pop up toasters, so you want to ensure you have enough space for them.

Pop-Up Toasters

Commercial pop up toasters are very similar to residential pop up toasters, making them convenient and easy to use: they both look similar, and have many of the same functions. Two, four, or six slices of bread are put into individual slots, and a lever is pressed down, lowering the bread and activating the heating elements. Simple enough!

But the difference between a commercial pop up toaster and a residential pop up toasters is subtle but important. The quality of the material and the heating elements directly affect the quality of the product and the longevity of the machine.

The quality of the material allows a commercial pop up toaster to endure the hardships of any commercial kitchen. The heating elements of a commercial toaster are more powerful and durable than residential models, ensuring that you get a consistent, predictable, and desired brownness.

It is very important to look at the production capacity of a pop up toaster. No one likes standing around waiting for toast to pop! Commercial pop up toasters are made for establishments that toast less than 300 slices an hour. If you need more slices than that, look at our conveyor toaster section.

Some commercial pop up toasters are intended to toast on both sides, or toast only on one side. Some fancy pop up toasters will even give you the option to switch between toasting on one side or toasting on both. The pop up toasters which toast on each side are intended for toasting bread. The models which toast on a single side are intended for bagels and buns.

If you’re feeling confused about your options, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out. We're Canadian -- so we're friendly!
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