Commercial Turners

There are a variety of different turners available for commercial kitchens. They're typically used on a griddle top or teppanyaki grill. Some have cutting edges for chopping meat and veggies into bite-size portions, and others have different designs for use with a particular food, such as a fish turner. Most are solid, but some are slotted for use with food that carries a lot of excess grease.

The teppanyaki turner is shorter than most of the turners and has a beveled edge for chopping. Though its length brings the user closer to the heat source, it allows for extra dexterity. On the other side of the spectrum is Browne's heavy-duty stainless steel turner with a hardwood handle. It is more rigid than the other turners, but the lack of flexibility make it good for cooking weightier foods.

Every turner you see has been hand-picked by our team of experts. Most of these turners are from Browne Foodservice, which is known for their commitment to quality and affordability. They are a Canadian business that has been making foodservice supplies for decades. We keep all of these items in stock and ready-to-ship.
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