Omcan 80017 - Stainless Steel Teppanyaki Turner with Hardwood Handle

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The Omcan 80017 is a stainless steel, solid teppanyaki turner with a hardwood handle. The overall length is 9.5"; the handle is 6.5", and the spatula itself is 3.5" x 4". It also has a slightly bevelled edge for chopping and to aid in scooping up thinner foods.

Due to the length of the handle, the user's hand will be closer to the heat source than an average turner. However, a shorter handle allows for a lot more dexterity when cooking those more complicated dishes.

Lastly, this Omcan teppanyaki turner is solid, and so with that one needs to consider what types of food they plan on using it with. Solid turners are best used with foods that don't have an excess of grease.

      • Made of satin stainless steel and a hardwood handle
      • 6.5" handle length; the blade is 4" wide
      • Suitable for chopping or flipping thinner foods


Brand Omcan
Model 80017
Overall Dimensions (L) 9.5"
Blade Dimensions (WL) 4" x 3.5"