Commercial Undercounter Fridges

Commercial undercounter fridges can be a convenient and space saving machine, and you'll see them in many restaurants across Canada. You will most often find these in bars or kitchens, but they are great for any foodservice location who needs to save space. They are designed to fit underneath most standard counters, which are 40".

An important thing to note is that you should not prepare food on undercounter refrigerators' tops. While they have stainless steel, it is not certified food-grade and raw food could contaminate the top. You would need a worktop refrigerator if you wanted to prepare food on top of a refrigerator.

When selecting a commercial undercounter fridge, take note of where the compressor is located. You will need to allow an adequate air flow by giving a few inches of space around the compressor. If there isn't a proper air flow, the compressor could burn out, costing you money and products.

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