Commercial Vacuum Seal Bags

If you want to vacuum seal food, you need vacuum seal bags. Vacuum sealing is when you put food in a vacuum sealer bag and suck all the air out. There are a couple of reasons you may want to do this.

The primary reason is storage. Food spoils quicker when exposed to air. Vacuum sealing prevents harmful pathogens from polluting the food and will help it keep longer.

Another reason for vacuum sealing food is for marinating. With a vacuum packaging bag, it's easy to submerge meat or vegetables with sauce or marinades for extra flavour and store them safely.

Lastly, one would need vacuum seal bags for sous vide cooking or rethermalizing. Sous vide cooking is when you submerge a vacuum-sealed bag of food into boiling water to cook food in its juices or marinades. Rethermalizing food is when you reheat pre-cooked food in hot water. Please note only some kinds of vacuum packaging bags are fit for sous vide cooking. Before purchasing for sous vide cooking, you'll want to verify your bags can withstand high temperatures.
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