Commercial Waffle Makers

When buying a commercial waffle maker, the most important decision to make is what kind of waffles you actually want to make. Waffles come in a few varieties; the main kinds are Belgian, Brussels, and Liege.

Belgian waffles are usually round. Traditionally, they have a lighter batter, deep pockets, and are made with baking powder. Brussels are usually rectangular. Traditionally, they have a fluffy texture and are made with egg whites or yeast. Liege are usually rectangular with frayed edges. Traditionally, these are sweeter and are made from yeast. There are also waffle cone makers and some oddballs like bubble waffles if you're feeling crazy.

Our selection of commercial waffle makers available in Canadian is large, so here are a few considerations before you pick one. Waffle machines come in “single” or “double” varieties: you can cook one or two waffles on them.

Some of our units (from Krampouz) also open up to 180 degrees, which can help with cooking and clean up. And the final consideration you should make is the voltage: this will depend on what kind of power you need and can support. Typically, the higher the voltage the more waffles you'll be able to make in a shorter period of time, because you're going to have more power.

We know, these are a lot of facts for such a simple sweet food! If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all your options, we’d love to help out (we love talking about waffles!). So give us a call toll free at 1-855-388-5999 or send us an email.
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