Compartment Sinks

1 Compartment Sinks

A one compartment sink is typically in an establishment that is tight on space and just needs to wash the occassional dish. They come with or without drainboards.  

2 Compartment Sinks

A two compartment sink will allow you to rinse in one sink and wash in the other. Or wash in one sink and sanitize in the other.

3 Compartment Sinks

A three compartment sink will let you rinse, wash, and sanitize in each compartment. These are perfect for a wide variety of restaurants in Canada.

Depending on your kitchen size and washing needs, you may need a 1 compartment sink, a 2 compartment sink, or 3 compartment sink. They each have certain advantages and specific uses which you should be aware of before buying one.

A 1 compartment sink is great if you’re tight on space and just need to wash the occasional dish. These can often be used as a rinsing sink, before your dishes move off to a dishwasher or another sink. You might run into health code issues if you're using this sink to rinse, wash, and sanitize. Remember, this isn't washing a couple dirty dishes at your home!! In Canadian restaurants, in order to maintain health code standards, you'll need to make sure your dishes are properly washed. That being said, a 1 compartment sink can be a part of your dish-washing routine, especially in commercial kitchen that are tights on space. You may have to supplement it with another washing sink or a commercial dishwasher.

One compartment sinks are also often used as "prep sinks" -- because they can be used for prepping fruits and vegetables. In which case, you definitely don't want to be putting dirty dishes in there! ;)

So, this is where 2 compartment sinks come in! If you've got enough space. These can be perfect for rinsing dishes on one side and washing dishes on the other. Or, maybe you've rinsed them off on a dish table, and now you just need to wash them in one compartment and sanitize them in another compartment. Always remember, you can work a commercial dishwasher into this routine as some point!

Finally, the big boys! The 3 compartment sinks. If you've got the space, these can be perfect for rinsing, washing, and sanitizing all with one unit. You can get these in a number of different sizes, and all of these compartment sinks can be bought with drainboards or without drainboards. Plus, they've all been crafted with stainless steel, so they can withstand a good beating in any commercial kitchen.

With 3 compartment sinks, there are a few special features which could be useful. You could get a 3 compartment corner sink, which can help you optimize space in your kitchen. Or you could get a space saver 3 compartment sink, which is basically just a tinnier vession of a 3 comparment sink, so you can still rinse, wash, and sanitize, just without taking up so much space.

Anyway, that was a ton of information. If you're not sure which compartment sink to buy -- you've come to the right place! We can help! Call us toll free at 1-855-388-5999 or email us and we'd love to help you out in choosing the best sink for your restaurant.