Condiment, Topping, & Sauce Warmers

A nacho cheese warmer is a great machine if you’re serving nacho chips or french fries. They are great at increasing your sales of chips or fries, by enticing your customers with that delicious cheesy goodness. These machines will heat, hold, and dispense your cheese, all in one easy piece of equipment, making sure that your cheese stays at a safe serving temperature, so you'll find these in most theatre and convenience stores across Canada.

You’ll find nacho cheese warmers and dispensers at a lot of convenience stores and gas stations, because they can increase impulse purchases. But you can also find them at sports stadiums and movies theatres.

Some of our nacho cheese warmers have graphics and are great for front-of-house use. Other machines would be better suited for back-of-house use. We have a variety of sizes of machines, which will depend on the size of your location.

If you’re not sure which nacho cheese warmer you should buy, or which nacho cheese warmer is the best for your location, drop us a line and we’d love to help you out.
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