Conveyor Ovens

A conveyor oven is also known as an impinger oven (impinge, verb, “to advance over an area”). These are very commonly in pizza shops across Canada but we’ve seen them used in a wide variety of commercial kitchens for all kinds of meals: from pasta to sandwiches to soup to you name it. Some commercial kitchens will actually make a conveyor oven their one and only oven and use it for all of their dishes.

The reason for the popularity of the conveyor oven is because of their versatility but also because of their simplicity and speed. You just set your pizza or other dish onto the conveyor and wait till it comes out the other side and you’re done! Some full-size models will have a door in the middle of the conveyor, so if you’ve got a dish you know doesn’t need to be cooked for the whole length of the conveyor, you can grab it half-way through.

We do have both floor models and countertop model conveyor ovens. Floor models are for commercial kitchens who are planning on using their oven a lot throughout the day. Some countertop models are also ideal for high-volume establishments and can save you space, but other countertop models will be ideal for lower output. Check out the BTU or the wattage of the ovens: this should give you a fairly good indication of how powerful the oven is, and whether it can stand up to your output.

Also, take a look at the width of the conveyor belt. If you want to place multiple items on the conveyor all at once, then look for a wider belt. Or, if you’re just going to be cooking one pizza at a time, double check that the conveyor belt will be wide enough to handle the width of your pizzas.

If you’re unsure of which conveyor oven you want to buy, give us a call and we’d love to help you out.
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