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Countertop fryers are perfect for small kitchens that don't require or can't hold a full sized fryer. Countertop fryers are great for frying many types of foods, such as chicken, fish, potatoes, pastries, and even (if you’re feeling adventurous) ice cream — so you'll find these machines all across Canada. Commercial countertop fryers could be one of the most versatile and in-demand items in modern day restaurants. This is because, plain and simple, people love the taste of a well prepared fried food. (Also check out our floor deep fryer section).

If you are looking at introducing fried food into your establishment, or are just adding another fryer to your line, countertop deep fryers are an ideal place to start for most establishments. There are four main features to consider when you are purchasing a commercial countertop fryer: external dimensions, tank capacity, pot design, and power type.

It is important to know the overall dimensions of the unit. It can waste time and money to purchase a commercial countertop fryer, only to find out it doesn't fit in your location. Measure twice, and then buy once.

The pot design will depend mostly on the power type of the fryer. Gas countertop fryers will have a standard open pot design. An open pot design has gas-fired heating elements that are attached outside of the vat. These open pot designs usually have a cold zone at the very bottom where food particles will fall. These fallen particles will not interfere with the flavor of the food that is being fried in your countertop fryer.

Electric commercial countertop fryers will usually have a ribbon type pot design. The ribbon design has a ribbon shaped heating element that is submerged directly into the oil.

The choice between an electric and gas commercial countertop fryer usually depends on what the establishment is equipped to support. Certain cooks will argue one way or the other, but any commercial countertop fryer will be able to handle the task of a commercial kitchen.

Finally, it is important to know the capacity of your countertop fryer. A 10 pound fryer will hold 10 pounds of oil, which can hold up to 20 pounds of food. You can use this simple math to calculate if your fryer will be big enough for your commercial establishment.

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