Countertop Food Warmers

These food warmers will keep your food hot and at a safe serving temperature. Some of these units are just intended to hold food that’s already been cooked, so it will just keep it warm. Other units have a bit more power and so they can actually finish the cooking.

There are a few different styles here: there are warmers with multiple pans, different wattages, and bain-marie styles. But all of our food warmers will give you even heating throughout the unit, and they will allow you to control the presets to make sure the unit is working at your desired temperature. A countertop food warmer can work at a buffet and other self-serve situations, and at concession stands, or it can be used for employees to keep food warm before serving. (Or you could be looking for our heat lamps, or maybe check out our soup kettles section).

There are also rethermalizers (or cookers). Rethermalizers/cookers are not the exact same as regular food warmers. Instead, they reheat frozen or chilled food to an appropriate serving temperature, whereas food warmers keep hot food hot.

If you’re not sure which food warmer would work for your commercial kitchen, give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 and we can help you out. And we're Canadian, so we're really nice!
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