Taylor Precision TE150 - Digital Receiving Scale and Remote Display with 150 lb Capacity

  • CAD Regular price $388.00

Taylor Precision's TE150 is a digital receiving scale that has an LCD remote display. This way, you can feel free to rearrange your workspace to something that's going to work best for you. This scale uses an 120v adapter or 6, AA batteries (not included).

This scale's capacity is 150 lb x 1/4 lb. It has a removable stainless steel platform, hold and re-calibration features, a low battery, and overload indicator modes. Since this scale has a low-profile, it's easy-to-clean and helps save space. Please note this scale is not legal for trade. 

      • Digital receiving scale
      • LCD remote display
      • Comes with 120v adapter
      • Can run on 6, AA batteries (not included)
      • 150 lb x 1/4 lb capacity
      • Stainless steel platform
      • Hold & recalibration features
      • Low-profile


      Model TE150
      Dimensions 12.2" x 12" x 2.1" 
      Capacity 150 lb x 0.2 lb


      One year warranty against defects in materials of workmanship (excluding batteries). 90 day warranty on the adapter from time of purchase.