Dish Tables

Dish tables are necessary for many commercial kitchens' dishwashing area. There are two primary types of dish tables: soiled dish tables and clean dish tables. There names should be fairly self-explanatory. But it's worth emphasizing: dirty dishes should only go on the dirty dish table, and clean dishes should only go on the clean dish table. And never the two shall meet!

This is for health-code reasons, and so you really don't want to be dropping your dirty dishes, pots, pans, or dirty flatware on the clean dish area. If you do, you're going to have to sanitize the area. Or if you drop your clean dishes on the dirty dish table, they have suddenly just become dirty dishes. 

So these dish tables can work in a number of different ways. Most typically, you would have a dirty dish table on one side, a pass through dishwasher in the middle, and then a clean dish table on the other side. (You'll be able to pick whether you want the dish table to be left to right or right to left on the product page.) Or sometimes you could have a three compartment sink in the middle of the dish tables.

One other style of dish table is the "undercounter dish table." Its name might be a bit confusing. This dish table won't itself go underneath a counter, but it will fit an undercounter dishwasher underneath it! So these can be perfect for a small kitchen or prep area -- just slide your undercounter dishwasher under this dish table, and now you've got a place to rinse off your dishes and then put them right into the dishwasher.

If you'd like some help in configuring your dish tables, or to know which ones you should buy for your restaurant, give us a call and we'd absolutely love to help you out! :)
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