Display Freezers

A display freezers is great way to display your frozen goods to your customers, keeping your goods at safely frozen temperatures, and giving your customers easy access to your frozen goods. Because of these merchandiser’s convenience, these are essential machines for convenience stores and large grocery stores alike all across Canada. These reach in freezers can also be used for back-of-house use.

When you’re choosing a display freezer, you’ll want to figure out a few things first: what kinds of items will you be storing in your freezer, and how many items. You don’t want to overfill your freezer, as there does need to be a good amount of air flow throughout the machine to keep it working properly and not breaking down.

You won’t want to just calculate the interior dimensions of the machine though; you’ll also need to calculate how large the machine is on the outside. Make sure you get your yard stick out: measure twice, buy once!

The door opening of your freezer is an important consideration (although it may not seem like it at first). If you have a narrow space for customers to walk, you’ll probably want a sliding door instead of a swing door. Swing doors are a bit more traditional, but we think most people can probably figure out how to work a sliding door too! Both can work; it just depends on your situation.

Usually, our merchandiser freezers come with four shelves per section (so for a three door freezer, you would have twelve shelves included) but you can always purchase more if needed — just keep in mind that you don’t want to be overfilling your freezer!

One final consideration is the location of the freezer’s compressor: do you want a bottom mount or top mount compressor? A bottom mount compressor is easier to access for service and cleaning, and this means that the lowest shelf will be a bit higher for the customer (so don’t worry about wrenching your back when bending over!). But bottom mount compressors will require more cleaning than top-mount, because they collect more dust and dirt from the floor.

If you’re not sure which merchandiser glass door freezer you want to buy, give us a call and we’ll help you out. We have a lot of experience fitting these machines out in commercial foodservice establishments, from convenience stores to grocery stores — we can help!
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