Display Fridges

Display fridges can be found in many commercial foodservice establishments across Canada: they are in convenience stores and in supermarkets. This is because merchandisers are the perfect way to boost impulse purchases, or you can place them in your back-of-house to display your items to your staff. When selecting the right merchandiser for your establishment, there are three key features to keep in mind: the number of doors, overall width, and door opening style.

The overall width of the display fridges will dictate the amount of doors. Usually units 30 inches wide and under are single door. Units that are between 36 inches and 55 inches wide are two doors coolers.

You should also look at the size of the reach in display cooler you want, and where would be ideal to place it. We do also have countertop merchandisers, which are great to put up in front of the a store, beside the cash register.

The next feature to consider is the door opening style. A sliding door can limit customer traffic congestions, but swinging doors allow you to hang racks for up-selling. For swing doors, you will need to consider if you have room once the door is open. Both doors are acceptable to customers, and they both accomplish the same things. It merely comes down to preference and sometimes logistics.

It is important to measure the overall dimensions of the unit to make sure it fits your desired location. Countertop models are perfect by the cash register of delis, convenience stores, and supermarkets. This can get you last minute purchases. Larger floor model units are often found in large supermarkets in the checkout.

The amount of shelves you will receive with your display refrigerator is also important to keep in mind. For most merchandiser refrigerators, there will be one or two shelves per section. Don't let too few shelves stop you from a purchase, as you can always order more.

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