Door Type Dishwashers

Some door-type dishwashers are also known as "pass-through" dishwashers, because you can pass the rack through them. Other door-type dishwashers, you put the rack in and out of the same entryway, and so they are not "pass-through." Typically, door type dishwashers are a larger and more powerful alternative to undercounter dishwashers.

It is important to look at the interior clearance, as this will determine the maximum height of items you can load into the dishwasher.We have both pot and pan washers and regular dishwashers in this category. These dishwashers are only capable of washing a single rack at a time. They have counterbalanced lift up doors that will open simultaneously, so you can put in one rack while it pushes out the previous rack.

These machines are designed for pass through operation, but some can be configured to work in a corner. In this case, the rack would go in the "front" of the machine, and either come out the left or right, depending on how it was installed.

These machines will come in either a low temp or high temp variety. The low temp uses chemicals instead of extra heat to clean off the dishes. This chemical will have to be restocked as it is used. Low temp dishwashers aren't as good at cleaning off grease, and may need to go through a second pass to get extra greasy dishes clean.

High temp dishwashers use hot water around 180 to 195 F. These are a little more expensive, but they are great at cleaning grease and you won't have to replace the chemicals used to clean the dishes as you would with a low temp model. You should check to see if the model comes with a booster heater. This will increase the temperature of the water, ensuring you get to the proper high temperature.

Pot and Pan washers are often found in bakeries, and are great in any foodservice establishment that needs pots and pans cleaned regularly. Pot and pan washers have powerful spray jet that clean pots, pans, and utensils with even the stickiest of foods. Most importantly, these washers have large interior clearances, allowing tall items to be placed inside.

Pot and pan washer's jets are usually a few inches above the clearance, so more often than not you can put in items a bit taller than the clearance. Give us a call if you're feeling confused: we're Canadian, so we're pleasant! Read More.
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