Drawer Warmers

Drawer warmers, sometimes called warmer drawers or warming drawers, are an often-overlooked piece of commercial kitchen equipment, but still serve a helpful purpose: to keep food at a proper serving temperature for extended periods of time while you can control the temperature. Heating up leftovers without drying them out, giving dough a place to rise, slow cooking meat for hours, keeping pizzas warm until customers arrive - warming drawers can perform a lot of versatile kitchen tasks.

But drawer warmers are not microwaves. The fundamental difference between these two appliances is that microwaves will heat UP their contents whereas drawer warmers will simply keep them hot, they can't necessarily take a bag of popcorn and make it pop, make sure to read the instructions first!

One major distinction/choice you'll need to make when purchasing a drawer warmer is: do you want a built-in model or a freestanding one? A built-in model will be placed into a kitchen wall, under or above a counter, like a dishwasher or oven could be while a freestanding model can go anywhere, usually on small legs to keep it off the floor. Built-in models will save floor space but can be more expensive.

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