Dunnage Racks

Dunnage racks, also called dunnage platforms, are a simple solution to keeping items off the floor, usually used in a commercial environment such as the foodservice industry. The main reason someone would purchase one of these racks is to protect certain items from getting moist, dirty, damaged, or having a lack of airflow.

These racks are constructed from heavy-duty materials such as aluminum or polymer. Some models can have weight capacities into the range of thousands of pounds. They resemble a stool with openings in the bottom, such as a horizontal slat design, providing some air flow.

Sometimes stuff just needs to stay off the floor for hygiene reasons. Certain industries have guidelines that require compliance for specific items to stay off the ground and a dunnage rack is just the thing to fix this problem. Other items can be stored underneath. Some products benefit from more air flow or circulation such as perishable goods, and other need proper ventilation.

Floors, especially in a warehouse environment, can be dirty and moist, which you don't want to get to your products. Spills will also inevitably happen, dunnage racks protect products from water damage.
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