Equipment Stands

Most kitchens will want to keep their equipment off the floor... this is where equipment stands come in! You can get them in a variety of sizes, so you could put a small slicer on one of these things, or you could put an oven on one of these stands. They can hold a variety of equipment, so they are essential in many restaurant's kitchens.

You'll want to check out the load capacity of the table. It's not safe to put a 1000 pound machine on an equipment stand that can only hold 500 pounds -- even if the machine would technically "fit." Also check out the dimensions for the equipment stand. You can have a look at the CAD technical drawing of the stand and get your measuring stick out and see if your equipment will fit on it.

These equipment stands are useful because they can put the controls for your equipment at arms' reach, and keep your equipment mostly at eye level. Some of these stands will be made of stainless steel, while others will be made of aluminum -- which one you choose really depends on the durability your establishment requires.

You can also get a stand with a backsplash, or with just a tiny lip. A backsplash can be great if you're doing a potentially messy job like grinding meat -- that way you don't have raw meat particles flying all over the place.
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