Floor Deep Fryers

A floor deep fryer is ideal for a restaurant or commercial kitchen with a high-volume of fried foods. If you’re just doing a few fried items here and there, you may want to check out our countertop fryers. These are versatile machines, and can cook a huge variety, so you'll find them in most restaurants across Canada. So the first thing to consider is how much fried food will you be making every day?

Even though these are all heavy-duty machines, some machines can produce a lot more than others. One key way that these deep fryers are measured is by their tank capacity. A “60 lb.” fryer can hold up to 60 lb. of fryer oil. Or, another way to think about this is based on the amount of french fries a fryer can produce. Sometimes, the manufacturers will list this information, but you can also calculate it yourself, by multiplying the capacity of fryer oil by 1.5 or 2. So a 60 lb. fryer could produce about 90 or 120 lb. of french fries an hour.

Another consideration is how many fry pots you need. If you’re just going to be frying a single type of food, you may only need a single pot. But if you want to fry multiple types of items simultaneously without transferring their flavours, you’ll want to have multiple pots.

You might ask yourself, Should I buy an electric or gas fryer? Well, there isn’t really an ideal. While in the past gas fryers were a bit cheaper to operate, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore. Utility rates for gas have gone up a lot higher than rates for electricity. So it really depends on how much it costs for gas and electricity wherever you are. So check your rates! Also, if for example, a gas fryer is already installed in your location and you need to replace it or get a new one, getting a gas fryer will almost always be less complicated than switching over. And vice versa: if you’ve got an electric fryer, you’ll probably want to stick with electric fryers.

There are plenty of other considerations to make when it comes to buy a fryer: you can get different pot types, like tube types, open pot, or flat bottom. You can get a deep fryer with programmable controls, basket lifts, or filtration systems. And certain types of fryers are better for certain jobs. If you’ve got any questions or concerns, give us a call! We're Canadian so we're really nice and like to talk!
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