Food Grade Mixing Paddles

Food paddles are pretty straightforward. They can be used for a variety of purposes. Typically, they're used for heavy-duty mixing jobs. For example, it's likely you'd see a baker using one of these to manually stir dough in a big spiral mixer or to stir a batter.

Chefs can use food paddles as well. They might use it to mix a thick stew or turning a pizza in an oven. In summary, they're great for mixing or stirring foods in large containers that are very hot. The length of the handle helps the user keep a safe distance away.

We carry two types of mixing paddles: wooden and stainless steel. We have two lengths of wooden options: 24" and 48". The stainless steel mixing paddle is 24". Your choice between wood and stainless steel will depend on what food your cooking and your personal preference. For example, people cooking Cajun cuisine prefer wood over stainless steel because after frequent use the wood will become seasoned and bring a certain flavour to the food.
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