Fryer Oil Filter Machines

Fryer oil filter machines, sometimes called deep fryer oil filtration systems, are used in the commercial foodservice industry to both filter and cleanse deep fryers' cooking oil. This is an important process to keep your equipment in fine working order. Machines like these would be used in fast food establishments, restaurants, diners, or anywhere deep fryers are located.

How does an oil filter work? The machine sucks oil out of the fryer and passes it through a filter which removes particles such as crumbs and sediments, before transferring it back into the deep fryer using a pump. It's best to remove particles like these to maintain a quality oil level and keep fried foods tasting their best.

Why would someone use an oil filter machine? There are variety of reasons and benefits. Filtering extends the oil's lifetime. It reduces off-flavouring and improves food quality. It reduces costs as manual oil filtration is a much more labour-intensive and time-consuming process. It's environmentally-friendly and reduces waste as non-filtered oil needs to be disposed of more often.

Filtered oil will eventually have to be replaced; filtering extends its life but cannot make it immortal. When disposing of oil, please make sure to check your local health and safety guidelines.

It's best to read all the instructions before using one of these machines to make sure the process is done correctly. For example, how often should you filter the oil? If you're unfamiliar with this kind of equipment, feel free to get in contact with us to learn more.
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