Glass Washers

Canadian foodservice establishments that go through a high amount of glasses each day (like a winery) should consider going with a commercial glass washer. Glass washers use low pressure water so as to avoid breakage and chips in glasses. You’ll need to decide whether you want a low-temp or a high-temp glass washer.

Low-temp machines use a chemical to sanitize the glasses that will have to be replaced. Low-temp glass washers aren't as good at getting lip stick and grease off of glasses, but they cost less money to purchase and to run. They also have the added benefit of bringing the dishes out at a more manageable temperature, allowing you to quickly reuse dishes, instead of waiting for them to cool down.

High-temp glass washers can easily sanitize dishes and remove grease in lip stick, with the downside of costing more to purchase and to run. You also may need to wait for the dishes to cool down, before you can reuse them.

We have both carousel and undercounter dishwashers. Undercounter models resemble residential units, and carousel units are great for bars or foodservice establishments who need quick access and an ongoing output of glasses.

Feeling a little unsure about what commercial glass washer you want, contact us and we’d be happy to help!
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