Hand Sinks

Hand sinks are going to be needed for health-code reasons in most commercial kitchens in Canada. This is true whether you’re running a restaurant, a healthcare institution, or any other commercial kitchen where food is being prepared. There a number of styles of hand sinks available. We’ve got standard ones, wall mounted varieties. We also have hand sinks that come on pedestals.

One special feature that some hands sinks have, is a knee- or foot-pedal, so that you can do hands free washing, and avoid and cross-contamination. Having splash guards on either side is sometimes required if the sink will be near food (you don't want hand-water splashing into food!). You could also require splash guards if your sink will be near a doorway and you don't want slipping accidents to happen.

If you’re not sure which hand sink you should buy, or which is the best hand sink for your particular situation, give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’d love to help you out with your purchase.
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