High Speed Ovens

High speed ovens combine various types of cooking energies, depending on which model you choose: they can include convection cooking, impingement, microwave, and radiant heat. These ovens are often used for pizzas, chicken wings, sandwichs, fish, or pastries -- but their uses are about as varied as you can imagine. These are sophisticated, programmbale ovens, so you'll be able to cook almost anything, and you'll be able to cook it very rapidly, all while retaining the delicious flavour and texture of your food. Want to know the difference between convection and impingement ovens?

First off, impingement cooking is not the same thing as an impinger oven (more commonly called a conveyor oven). Impingement cooking is actually a lot like convection cooking, but it is much faster and more direct, so hybrid ovens with impingement cooking will be able to reduce the cooking times even more by directing heat right at the product, so the heat will penetrate into your food very efficiently. And because impingement fans (or jets) are much more precise than convection fans, you'll be able to cook a lot more precisely than just a regular convection oven.

Convection cooking, on the other hand, offers a more general cavity airflow. The air movement will be less direct onto your product, but will ensure that your food is cooked evenly.

A microwave assist on a high speed combination oven is going to increase the speed of your cooking, while the other methods ensure the food keeps a great texture, taste, and look.

These rapid cook ovens can also come with infra-red radiant heat. Radiant heat is a great way to enhance your toasting, browning, and crisping.

These ovens are perfect for a wide variety of locations: hotels use them, so do hospitals, quick-serve restaurants, and convenience stores. As we've said, you can cook almost anything in these ovens, but it's really their speed and versatility that makes them fantastic. On the product pages, check out their comparison charts to see how fast these ovens really are. Imagine this: a customer walks in and orders something: instead of having it be old and stale, or instead of having to wait a long time -- you simply put it in your high speed oven, and a few minutes later, the food is done, delicious, and fresh!

That's the reason why these ovens can be an anchor in many different types of commercial kitchens. Picking the best high speed oven can be tricky, so contact us if you like to get some help. Most of these ovens do the same thing: they can all cook a variety of types of foods, and they can cook them really fast, but which item do you feel best about? Is there a certain brand that you feel you can trust? Or are you concerned with getting something as economical as possible? 
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