Merrychef eikon e4s - High Speed Oven with Convection, Impingement, and Microwave - 14" x 14" Cavity (WD)

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The Merrychef eikon e4s is a high speed oven that cooks up to fifteen times faster than other conventional cooking methods. Its dimensions (WDH) are 23" x 29.5" x 23.3". In microwave mode, it can fit up to a 1/4 size metal baking pan.

Some other features of the eikon e4s include touch screen controls and a USB port for memory stick transfer of up to 1024 recipe programs. It has built-in diagnostic testing to keep it running at its peak.

The difference between the eikon e4s and the eikon e4 are subtle at best. Basically, what you get in size with the eikon e4s -- a 14" x 14" cavity as opposed to 14" x 12" -- you sacrifice a smaller catalytic converter. This means that you won't be able to cook extremely greasy foods without the use of a hood.

The Merrychef eikon series utilizes convection heat, impingement air, and microwave energy to provide restaurants and foodservice operations with a quick service solution for appetizers and order corrections. For example, say one of your customers orders a steak that's not done to their liking -- just pop it in the eikon e4s and that problem could be solved in less than a minute.

It's important to note that the Merrychef eikon series ovens are considered a staple of many food service operations as well, not just an add on. They don't fit into a set mold -- eikon high speed ovens can cook, toast, bake, grill, and regenerate a wide range of fresh or frozen foods, such as sandwiches, pizzas, and meat. For example, Subway restaurants have Merrychef high speed ovens as their operating standard for service worldwide. There are even stories of hospitals using Merrychef ovens to introduce room service to their patients, instead of having them choose their meals ahead of time. They're also very popular with startups. The Merrychef eikon e4s is the perfect solution for restaurants who want to rely more on a high speed oven for frequent cooking as its bigger than the Merrychef e1 and e2s.

Merrychef high speed ovens like the eikon e4s are trusted in by Canadians not only because of Welbilt's industry-leading quality, but thanks to their size they can carry out industry-leading service as well. The eikon e4s is made and manufactured in the UK, but parts and service for Canadian customers are supplied and conducted in Canada.

      • Made in the UK
      • NSF approved
      • Parts supplied and service done in Canada
      • Dimensions (WDH) 23" x 29.5" x 23.3"
      • Advanced cooking technology that features three heat technologies: convection, tuned impingement, and microwave
      • Ventless cooking capabilities via a built-in catalytic converter
      • Rapid cooking up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven
      • Cool-to-the-touch exterior
      • easyTouch®, icon driven touchscreen controls
      • Easy-to-clean rounded edges
      • USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking profiles; each program offers up to six (6) stages with programmable cooking times, microwave power settings and user instructions for each stage
      • Built-in diagnostic testing
      • 430 stainless steel casework and 304 stainless steel
      • Soft edge front design



Model e4s
Series eikon
Brand Merrychef
Dimensions (WDH) 23" x 29.5" x 23.3"
Weight 182 lb

Electrical 208v, 240v / 60Hz / 30A / 1 Phase
Plug Type NEMA 6-30P


One year limited parts and labour warranty from moment of installation, or two year limited parts and labour warranty from the date of shipment, whichever comes first.