Hot Dog Cookers

Commercial Hot Dog Rollers

You can cook hot dogs with a hot dog roller, and you can keep them hot, ready, and delicious for your customers.

Commercial Hot Dog Steamers

You won't just keep your hot dogs warm, but you can keep your buns warms with a commercial hot dog steamer.  

Commercial Hot Dog Broilers

Broil your hot dogs and merchandise your hot dogs all in one go. I know, it sounds too good to be true.

Bun Warmers

Keep your buns warms with one of our hot dog bun warmers! A simple trick to make your hot dog more appealing!

There are three primary hot dog cooker machines: hot dog rollers, hot dog steamers, and hot dog broilers. The names are pretty self-explanatory, but there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Hot dog rollers are very popular in covenience stores and gas stations. They can be used to serve a couple hot dogs an hours, to dozens of hot dogs per hour, depending on the size you get. Plus, did you know, you can actually use these hot dog rollers to cook breakfast sausages, egg rolls, or bratwurst if you're feeling fancy! One feature that a lot of people look for is a bun warmer. We have a few models of hot dog rollers which come with bun warmers.

Hot dog steamers are probably the second most popular type of hot dog cooker. These are often used in higher volume locations, like sports stadiums or convention centres. All of these models will have both a place to steam your hot dogs and to steam your buns -- so they're really like a two in one. A lot of these hot dog cookers will comer with bright displays, so they're also going to help you do some merchandising. You'll have to decide if you prefer the bright display of a hot dog steamer, or the rolling, glistening glory of a hot dog roller.

The last type of hot dog cooker is a hot dog broiler. These are great in small and large establishment and can really add some flair to the hot dog cooking experience. These hot dog cookers use a radiant heat which will broil your hot dogs, rather than steaming them or rolling them on grills. These machines are designed to retain their heat, so its not going to be expelling a lot of heat into the room. This will help with both the ambient temperature of your room, and it'll keep your energy costs down.

One other type of hot dog equipment is the hot dog bun warmer. These are made to go with roller grills, so check out the dimensions of the bun warmer. You can put your hot dog roller either on top or beside the bun warmer. The biggest choice you have when deciding which bun warmer to go with is whether you want to go with dry heat or moist heat. Dry heat is generally a lower cost option, so that's always nice, and you don't have to be worrying about adding water. Moist heat will allow you to store your buns a bit longer without drying them out though.

That's a whole lot of information! So if you still have some questions, feel free to give us a call or email us, and we'd love to help you pick out the best hot dog cooker for your job!