Browne 5781116 - Full-Size Stainless Steel Hotel Pan - Perforated

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This Browne hotel pan is full-sized (meaning that it will fit alone in a standard chafer), 6" deep, 24 gauge, and our only perforated model. This means it has small holes in the bottom that allow liquid to drain through to the water pan and steam to come up through.

Hotel pans, also known as insert pans, food pans, or steam table pans, are versatile containers for many areas of food service. They are popular in casinos and other large buffets as inserts for chafing dishes, but they also have other uses. They can be used for cold storage or ingredient containers in a prep table. We also carry polycarbonate food pans, which are sometimes preferred for these uses, though, because they won't react with and spoil lettuce, for example.

It's important not to confuse these food pans with water pans for chafers. The difference lies in their shape. A water pan sits directly in the frame of the chafer and provides moisture to the contents. It has straight sides, so one water pan won't stack easily within another. Food pans are--hence the name--what the food will be sitting in. These are set inside the water pan and can do so easily because their sides angle into a narrower bottom. As one food pan runs out, it can be easily swapped for another without taking out the water pan.

When choosing the right pan for you, it's all about what you're using it for. The depth you choose is simply based on how much volume you want to fit in it. If you're using it in a chafer, check how deep that is before choosing your pan. The gauge refers to how thick the stainless steel is. Our 24 gauge is a bit thicker, so it's less likely to dent or warp and is better suited to constant use, but it's also more expensive. On the other hand, the 25 gauge pan is thinner, so is the economical choice for lower volume kitchens, as well as being lighter and easier to transport. We also carry half-size, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, and 1/9 sizes.

      • 24 gauge stainless steel is lightweight and resists rust
      • Perforated design allows water to drain through
      • Sides are angled so multiple pans can be stacked together
      • 6" depth holds more product
      • Reinforced edges and corners to prevent bending
      • NSF certified


Brand Browne
Model 5781116
Style Perforated
Dimensions 20.75" x 12.75" x 6"
Capacity 21.2 qt
Gauge 24