Ice Cream Dippers

Do you run an ice cream shop or offer ice cream on your menu? Well, if you don't want carpal tunnel you'll want to use an ice cream scoop or spade. Ice cream scoops have a surprising amount of depth to them. For starters, as you'll see below some ice cream scoops are self-defrosting, as they have antifreeze in the handle. Also keep in mind that the higher the size of the scooper (e.g. size 16, size 20, etc.), the smaller the scoop of ice cream. 

We also carry ice cream spades. Ice cream spades are ideal for when an ice cream bucket is nearly empty. Ice creams tubs tend to have ice cream stick to the sides of the container. With an icecream spade you can scoop along the sides, making sure no ice cream gets wasted.

Every ice cream dipper or scooper has been handpicked by our team of experts. Browne Foodservice's products are made right here in Canada, and are known for their commitment to quality and affordability. We keep these items in stock and ship Canada-wide.
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