Ice Cream Freezers

Ice Cream Display Freezers

These are glass top freezers for your ice cream novelties or other frozen good. Works as self-serve and full-serve.

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

These are dipping cabinets for you to do full-service for your hard ice creams.

Commercial Chest Freezers

Like a home deep freeze, but commercial. Perfect for ice cream novelties and frozen goods alike!

Gelato Display Cases

Ciao! If you've got gelato, go with one of these gelato dipping cabinets -- slightly different than an ice cream cabinet.

Ice cream freezers are a must for more than just ice cream shops. You'll find chest freezers and ice cream display freezers in many grocery markets. And ice cream dipping cabinets are the standard way for Canadian ice cream shops to serve their customers.

Ice cream cabinets come in a variety of widths. But these are otherwise fairly standard machines. You'll want to figure out how many tubs of ice cream you'd like to serve. And you should note, that each one of these cabinets will typically have an extra storage space for a few other tubs of ice cream, which can really be essential in a small ice cream shop.

Glass top freezers are found in almost every convenience store and gas station. That's because they're a great way to show off your ice cream novelities and other pre-wrapped frozen treats. Very often these freezers are self-serve, where a customer can help themselves, but sometimes it's a convenient freezer for staff to take ice cream novelties from.

Solid top freezers, otherwise known as commercial chest freezers, can be used for anything. For your extra ice cream bins, or maybe just for anything else you want to freeze. These are just like residential chest freezers, except they are much more powerful and durable.

Gelato cabinets are perfect for gelato or sorbet, and some other frozen treats. Because of the difference between gelato and ice cream, these cases are at a different temperature than ice cream cases. So you'll want to make sure you get a case that is in the temperature range you're looking for.

Well, that was a lot of rambling about ice cream freezers! If you're still a little uncertain about which freezers you'd like to buy for your ice cream shop, then just give us a ring and we'd be glad to help you out!