Ice Machines with Bins & Self-Contained Ice Machines

Ice machines with bins are one of two things. They are either like undercounter ice machines but too tall to go under a counter, so they are considered "self-contained" machines. Or they are a combination of a modular ice machine with an ice storage bin underneath. Either way, these machines both create ice and store your ice, and they have been pre-designed by the factory to have a pretty standard ice production to ice storage ratio. If you want more flexibility, you should buy a modular ice machine and an ice storage bin separately, and then put them together.

These ice machines with bins produce a few different types of ice. Flake ice is great for seafood, research, or sporting situations. Cube ice is what is sounds like: it's a cube! They can either come in full cubes or half size cubes. Nugget cubes are like little pebbles and are great in drinks. Gourmet cubes are a lot like regular cubes, but they've got fancier shapes and sometimes they are clearer than standard cubes. Finally, crescent cubes come from Hoshizaki ice machines, and they sort of look like a crescent moon. When you go onto an ice machine's product page, you should see a picture of what their ice looks like.

How do you figure out how much ice you will need? Well, that can be a complicated question, and if you'd like some help you can always give us a call. But a couple helpful numbers are this: a restaurnt will need about 1.5 pounds of ice per customer, and a fast food restaurant will need about 0.5 pounds of ice per person.

Now, you're going to want to calculate the amount of ice you'll need based on your busiest time of the day. If your establishment tends to have big rushes, then a larger storage capacity is suggested. But if you tend to have a steady stream of customers, then you can have a smaller storage capacity, if you feel like it will have time to replenish itself.

If you want to discuss which ice machine you should buy, just give us a call, and we'd be glad to help you out.
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